Mountame InvisaWallet™ Insert

The Mountame InvisaWallet™ is an industry-disrupting technology fit for a multitude of consumer archival displays. Mountame pioneer this as the first people to push the InvisaWallt™ to market being super proud to finally be able to put loved collections on the wall. Our solution uses such sort after high-quality materials it is more than likely putting your collections in Mountame products is better protection than most if not all current off the shelf products.

The Insert for our InvisaWallet™ makes up 50% of the surface contact with collections so, therefore, is super important. Interestingly we opt for the card over a dual-layer of plastic due to the preservation properties that can increase the longevity of the item.

The InvisaWallet™ insert acts as a shield to the elements having a soft texture with great archival qualities designed to last over a lifetime. The mill that makes our paper uses traditional methods & materials and is one of the longest producers of long-lasting paper products in the world.

100% Cotton

For any paper or card the quality of the final outcome all starts with the raw materials – for Mountame, that’s cotton.

Paper made from cotton, compared to cellulose wood paper, has longer fibers creating a very good mechanical strength great for supporting our InvisaWallet™ inserts. It gives an awesome soft feel with a fine grain – a great texture to timelessly cushion your collection.

100% cotton paper is acid-free for long-term archival displays. This is our standard to keep the items it comes into contact with safe and secure. Not only is it archival-grade and acid-free but our inserts are lignin-free in accordance with the ISO 9706 too. This means they won’t become acidic over time like 100% wood pulp paper.

Its also great to note that the unused cotton seeds from the mill go on to make oil and cattle feed to avoid waste.

Pure Water

The backbone of the manufacturing process behind the paper is water and adds to the qualities of paper – the purer the water the better the output.

The water that goes into the paper behind Mountame’s InvisaWallet™ inserts is pure mineral water drawn from the groundwater through years of filtration through underground rock layers. The balanced mineral structure of pure and still water is plentiful within the area around the mill where the paper is made.

The water is absent from treatment chemicals and is simply filtered to remove any impurities to keep the card pristine.

Beautifully Crafted

Mountame’s InvisaWallet™ insert is created with the process of a traditional cylinder mould. The slow turning allows the fibres to be spread evenly over the homogenous natural grain surface making it very standardised and stable across the entire sheet. The cylinder mould process also gives a soft foundation for the collections as you place them into the wallet.

Additionally, our paper is gelatine-sized to the core adding to the consistency of the product. This also adds to the paper’s resistance and resilience protecting the paper from penetration beyond the surface from contaminants.

Preservation Grade

Just like the card that go into museums and galleries, from famous artists to botanical displays, this paper is designed to last a lifetime.

As aforementioned our paper is strictly ISO 9706. In short, they are acid-free having a pH of over 7, have at least a 2% alkali reserve, have a high cross-directional tearing resistance, and most importantly, have a Kappa number of less than 5 meaning they only have none or a very small amount of easily oxidized material such as lignin.

Our insert is chlorine-free and contains no optical brightening agents. It contains a calcium carbonate reserve that prevents the degradation of the insert and its contact by neutralizing acid as your collection naturally degrades over time. Unlike normal papers such as hobbyist card, plastic, and many collectors albums InvisaWallet™ card actually helps preserve your memorabilia. Alkaline reserves or based paper as it’s known in the industry significantly increases the longevity of your collection, that added with our, inert wallets and UV upgrade frame glaze means you are in industry-leading archival protection.