Stamps 30mm 8 Stock Frame A3 Portrait Display


Our Mountame stamp stock frames are the first of their kind. Our unique engineering gives you not only the freedom of creativity with layout options and collection types, but they are also glueless and therefore prevent potential contaminate transmission. Whether you are collecting thematic or regional collections, you can rest assured that your stamps are in the best preservation grade frame possible.

This A3 portrait frame uses InvisaWallet™ technology for its 30mm high stocks, each stock, 8 stocks in total contains our InvisaWallet™ Inserts. These inserts are alkali buffered which acts as an anti-ageing agent extending the life of your stamps when in direct contact. Furthermore, our InvisaWallet™ film is crystal clear and inert, not only giving you the best clarity for your collections presentation, but it also shields the stamp face.

The 30mm stock height is ideal for the Definitive stamp size, for collections such as the Penny Red and Two Pence Blue, but not exclusive to. The frame stocks can handle greater size stamps, but we advise that you consider a greater stock size (40mm stock frame), as any stamp outside of the stock containment will not be in contact with our InvisaWallet™ Inserts, and therefore not protected.

When framing valuables, or investments we always recommend upgrading to the PLEXIGLAS Gallery® UV 100 for UV Protection, and keeping your frame out of direct light.

We can offer greater stock sizes on request. Please use the contact form for any customization enquiries.

Please ONLY tick this field if you have previously agreed on a customization option with a Mountame representative. Please be aware customization options alter parts of our manufacturing process, but not our materials. If you would like a customization option please get in touch with us.

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